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Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor

Common electronic Radon detectors require special PC-software and skilled operators. The Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor on the other hand, was specially designed for the homeowners who can now conduct Radon measurements and reliably monitor the indoor Radon concentrations themselves.

Recommendations of health authorities for safe indoor Radon levels can easily be deduced with the Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor. In the event steps were taken to reduce the Radon levels in your home, the Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor is the suitable instrument to verify the success of your Radon remediation actions. As Radon levels may vary significantly during the year, a permanent surveillance of your home or working place with the Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor is the most important tool to safeguard yourself and your family against this dangerous radioactive gas.



As soon as power is connected to the Radon monitor, the sampling procedure starts automatically after a short self-test. When initially powered up samples need to be taken for 2 days (48 hours) before an accurate reading can be displayed. The Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor is designed to notify the user of the level of Radon gas on either a short-term or long-term basis. The display is updated every hour if there is a change in the level of Radon gas.

  • The display for the short-term reading is an average of the levels of radon gas over the past seven days. The short term reading allows the user to verify the effectiveness of their Radon remediation actions.
  • The display for the long-term reading is an average of the levels of Radon gas for the length of time that the detector has been powered up since the last reset of the memory. This reading relates to the average Radon level that you would be exposed to if you were in the continual presence of the Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor.

The Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor is characterized by its ease of use and only one button is needed to control the different functions of the Radon detector.

For more detailed information please see the Ramon 2.2 - brochure (pdf, 130kb) and the instruction manual (pdf, 63kb).


Principle of operation

Radon diffuses into a detection chamber and its concentration is determined by measuring the α-activity of the short-lived Radon decay products, which are collected from the detection chamber on the surface of a semiconductor detector by an electric field.

The Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor is based on the same measuring principle as our Radim monitors designed for professional applications but at a fraction of the cost.


Technical Specifications

Power Source:  
Input: - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz / 150 mA
Output: 18V DC / 300 mA
Ramon 2.2:  
Operating voltage: 18 V DC
Charging rate: max. 200 mA
Power input: max. 2 W
Sensor: Silicon detector
Full Scale Reading: 9999 Bq/m3
Resolution: 1 Bq/m3
Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 5.0 cm

The Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor meets the requirements of applicable national and European directives (72/73/EWG and 89/336/EWG). CE Conformity has been proven by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) - Vienna;

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